Bic Brain Injury Center USA

BiC Brain Injury Center is a long-established, cutting-edge electronic and mobile brain injury facility. Underdiagnosis and misdiagnosis of head injuries and concussions are a major global problem. Often the injured person is simply advised to take over-the-counter medicine, with no regard for possible neuro-traumatic brain injury. This can be a catastrophic type of injury that can cause memory loss, depression, fatigue, anger issues and suicidal thoughts.

Even in cases of moderate head injury from car, bike or sporting accidents, misdiagnosis persists. This can result in improper medical care and even legal compensation down the road, which is essential to pay for the costly rehabilitation services.

BiC Brain Injury Center provides information and resources, including a unique online brain injury neurological testing tool created by our inhouse team.

Your detailed injury assessment provides almost immediate results and suggestions via secure email, offering better outcomes for the patient and family. Test results are tailored to each patient's personal needs. All information is shared with the person requesting the assessment and becomes the property of the patients and their family.

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